The Best Start to your Day.

Foodicyn was designed to give our bodies a break from the busy yet enjoyable lifestyles that we lead everyday so when you choose to put Foodicyn in your fridge, it becomes your daily medicine and the longer you continue to consume it, the healthier you become.

Foodicyn connects us back to the basic grass root necessities of our bodies and its basic instinct for fiber rich cellular nutrition. Once you’ve introduced Foodicyn into your life, you’ll never look back, so go on… nourish yourCELLf.

The Birth of Foodicyn

Foodicyn was developed out of sheer desperation. As a new father of two, many moons ago, I was bewildered as to what to teach my children about healthy eating because I was desperately unhealthy and unwell. So I went on an awesome journey to uncover just what the human body needed every day. Turns out is just an abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and greens.

Utilizing this new found knowledge, my sharp culinary skills and tapping into more than 30 years in the hospitality industry, I was able to find a simple way to give abundance of nourishment to my body every day and walked away from every ailment and trouble inside my own body. I then went on to case study many more bodies during the research and development years with awesome results… just by starting the day off right … every day!

Marc Neumann

Inventor of Foodicyn