7 Days Cleanse Challenge For Your Weight Goal

Discover how we can help you achieve:

  • Weight Loss - Transform your body and boost your confidence.
  • More Energy - Feel rejuvenated and tackle your day with vigor.
  • Cleaner Blood - Promote a healthier circulation system.
  • Less Bloating - Enjoy comfort and ease in your digestive system.
  • Better Managed Lifestyle - Find balance in your daily routines.
  • Healthier Gut - Support your digestive health for overall well-being.
  • Reduce Inflammation - Ease your body's stress and promote healing.
  • Better Sleep - Improve your night's rest for a more productive day.
  • Less Brain Fog - Enhance your clarity and focus for better decision-making.

With ample amounts of Fiber, Enzymes, and all the beautiful minerals and vitamins required for the body to replenish, transform how you feel, look, and think with Foodicyn's exclusive 7-Day Cleanse Challenge.

Designed to deliver pure, abundant nourishment at regular intervals, this cleanse program keeps your metabolism active, energy steady, and supports overall well-being.

Your Nourishment Timeline:

Morning Flush - Gold Morning Tonic:
Get your day started with the perfect blended formula of Lemon, Apple, Banana, Ginger and Dates.

Simply shake and mix 125ml tonic with 375ml water.

Cold or hot, doesn't matter, drink it your way.

- Boost Your Metabolism.

- Flush the Toxins Out.

- Morning Hydration Wake-up Call.

Breakfast - Green Energy Cocktail or Red Energy Cocktail: Fill your body with the right nourishing solution.

Sip on our Green Energy Cocktail, a mixture of 11 whole food ingredients with a light, lemony zest.

- Support an Alkaline State Of Health.

- Combat Inflammation.

Or, Start your day with a full bag of our Red Cocktail, taking your time to enjoy every nutrient-dense sip.

- Enhanced Vitamins and Minerals.

- Burn The Extra Fat Throughout The Night 


Snack: Pair a heaped tablespoon of our Nutty Protein

 Porridge with any salad, smoothie or meal to get an instant energy boost for the rest of your day.

- Hydration for Midday Boost

- Muscle-Nourishing Vitamins

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