Did I Eat Toxic?

Did I Eat Toxic delivers an interesting and detailed account of the author’s journey from sick to healthy and how he healed himself and the human body through food and dietary alterations. The book offers both scientific and personal anecdotes that support his conclusions and provides an easy-to-follow approach to improving your health. This nutrition plan is going to change your life and Marc Neumann rises to this challenge with great skill in this accomplished and thoughtful book.


Fearless Presence

 We live in times of transition where the old ways of living and business no longer work. We can no longer hide behind formulas and lies, or sit in comparison, competition and judgement. In the new paradigm, standing fearlessly in our uniqueness and embodying our soul essence is the only way into a successful, abundant and joyful life.

Meet the leaders, visionaries and way-showers who courageously carved their own path into abundance and joy by fearlessly embodying the frequency of their soul essence.

Be inspired by their wisdom so that you too can shed the layers of fear, come out of hiding and powerfully embrace all of who you truly are.